Cornville's "Centennial" Post Office--Changes Over Time (built 1909; moved 1914; retired 1961; sold 1978 & moved 1988; moved & abandoned 2002; returned to its original location 2012; renovation in progress)



The Cornville Historical Society has published a report entitled "History of the Cornville Post Office", which presents known facts and possibilities about Cornville's name, post office establishment, postmasters, locations and other relevant formation.


Throughout its history, there have been questions about how Cornville got its name. Many versions have been published and many possibilities discussed. Mere mention of the name "Cornville" arouses questions. Cornville is sometimes the brunt of jokes by neighbors and anyone who first hears the name. "You're from where?" is a common reaction, followed by "Oh, near Sedona---a beautiful place!"   The conversation then turns to red rocks, new age spirits and tourists. Cornville gets no further recognition.


So, the Cornville Historical Society set out to learn all it could about the community's postal history. The result is a 65-page report that includes old and new information, stories and photos that show how postal service has changed over time. Included is the "most likely story" of how Cornville got its name. Vignettes  about early postmasters and a map of postal locations are included. From 1885 to 2017, Cornville had twelve postmasters who provided service from at least eight locations.


A fascinating story of the oldest and longest used post office, built by Charles Chick, is featured as Cornville's "Centennial" Post Office. The original structure was built in 1909 and moved across Cornville Road in 1914. For over fifty years, the building served as post office, store, and Chick family residence.


The report is a compilation of what has been learned so far. From government records and other sources, research was conducted via internet, mail, telephone and personal contacts. It included a trip to the National Archives in Washington, DC and interviews with former postal employees and others with memories to share. The Cornville Historical Society always welcomes information that will clarify and add to its postal history. To order the report by mail, send $10, plus $2 for postage, to Cornville Historical Society, P.O. Box 1200, Cornville, AZ 86325. To comment, ask questions or add information, contact Judy Miller at (928) 649-1916 or

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